Captians Blog – Number 1

These are the voyages of COMA 4320:

This is my initial post to the blog.

I’m looking forward to this class this semester.  I have some experience in creating podcasts and video productions, so I am excited to be able to use these skills in the Project for this class.

I plan on writing a paper and submitting it, but more to use a reference material in order to make an audio podcast or a blog post containing embedded media and other links to expand the topic in a way not possible in the paper alone.

I have not yet decided on a topic, but I have some ideas and will narrow them down shortly as to which would make for the best topic to be presented.  I would like to explore electronic music and hip-hop sampling and the copyright issues and artistic movements of these genres.  I will narrow it down, but definitely something along those lines.

Looking forward to a good semester and learning some new things from everyone.


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